Science 9 Students

Your class is up an running on Office 365.  Please login, click on teams (read your posts and find your assignments) → click on class notebook (ribbon at top of page) → click on (>) to the left of Welcome → click on your folder (your name) → click on daily lesson → click on today’s date.  Follow the outline for today’s class.  If you have any difficulties please contact me, chat in teams or email.

If you do not have your username and password for Office 365.  Please email me, so I can provide you with these.

Thanks, Mrs. Friesen

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New Beginnings

Our first online class will be informal.  You do not have to “show up” at a scheduled time, but you need to “show up”!  In your class notebook, open the content library folder.  Here will be your plan for the day.  Then follow the instructions!  Anatomy and Physiology 12 and Life Science 11 students start on Monday April 6th, Science begins on Tuesday April 7th.  See you in class!  If you are having difficulties.  Please email me.  Mrs. Friesen

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Science 9, Life Science 11, and Anatomy and Physiology 12 Students

Your courses have gone online!  I am excited to return to our classes.  We will be working online with Microsoft Office 365 Classroom.  Please note that there are apps available for every type of device; android, iOS, etc.  However, I have not had a chance to check these out yet.  If you don’t know your user name and password please email me.  My email address is online at the school website under staff.

Please note the Class Specific buttons on the bar above!

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