Science 9 – Block F

Textbook:    Science 9 – 2013/2014

December 2/13- We took some notes on properties of elements.  Completed a worksheet on the table of properties, and handed it in.

November 26/13 – We opened class by completing questions on mixtures, and compounds.  There will be a quiz next class on the following terms: heterogenous, homogenous, element, compound, matter, mass.  We had our first lab on properties and change.

November 21/13 – Today we talked about mixtures and compounds.  Learned some new terms, completed a worksheet.  We made a symbol poster on a safety rule of our choice.  Due the beginning of next class.

November 19/13 – Today we began our chemistry unit.  The students wrote a paragraph about “what is chemistry?”  There was a worksheet around safety in the classroom.  Checked out the WHMIS symbols and hazard symbols.  Rules for safety were also provided.

November 15/13 – Today was our last class on Space and Earth Science.  We looked at the many different types of technology that we use in order to learn more about our universe.  The students completed and handed in a worksheet about Ancient and Modern tools.  We ended the class by looking at a short video clip from Hubble – called deep space.

November 13/13 – Today we went over our test results and completed a lab entitled, “spying Spectra”.  This was completed in class and handed in.  It is homework if students did not complete task.

November 8/13 – Today started with a reading about distances in space.  This was followed by two activities, the students made their own astrolabes and measured a number of classroom objects to find the angle of inclination.  This was used in the concept of triangulation.  We also looked at the concept of parallax, and did a quick activity that showed us this.  The class ended as students completed and handed in an fill in the blank worksheet on triangulation and parallax.  This was handed-in or homework if it was not completed in class.

November 6/13 – Test followed by a word search, then catch up as today is term 1 cut off date.

November 4/13 – Class started with a review sheet for the test next class.  Students worked for 30 minutes on their poem/rap/song assignment.  We read some text re: Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, and answered questions #1-5 on the handout, these were handed in.

October 31/13 – We started class today, by writing 5 questions about our notes and a summarizing conclusion for our notes.  We are using the Cornell note format this year.  We read about the lives of stars, from the text that was handed out in class.  Completed a worksheet using the Hertzman-Russell diagram (handed it in), and the Poem assignment, due November 12/13.  Students will be given 30 minutes to work on this next class.

October 29/13 – We started class by setting a date for our test, which will be Wednesday November 6, 2013.  Today’s topic was the life of a Star, the students took notes on the stages of a star’s life, and a reading was handed out.  Unfortunately, we were interrupted many times by the grade 9 immunizations, so a copy of these notes will be handed out next class, so each student will have a complete set.

October 24/13 – Last class of the day before Pro-D Long Weekend.  Class started with the students answering the OA – questions, based on the reading from last class.  We then read about the Big Bang Theory (Handout) and completed the video about our Milky Way.  Amazing Stuff.  The students were reminded about their Horizon Map Activity, and that they should have it completed and handed in.

October 22/13 – Our focus for this class was on how the Universe is spreading apart.  Under this heading we looked at Red and Blue shifting.  We used a balloon to help us understand.  Then we completed a worksheet on the electromagnetic spectrum.  Two things were handed in – Electromagnetic Spectrum WS and our Balloon Activity.

October 18/13 – Earth is like a Giant Magnet – We focused in on this today.  We completed an activity with magnets, handed in our results, and watched a video about our Northern lights.

October 16/13 – Today our theme was “Galaxies”, we read the handout about the three different types, and answered questions # 1-5, 12.  Students were given a progress report.  We concluded our class by watching a video on the galaxies in our universe (globular clusters, black holes, dark matter).  Homework:  Complete the questions if you failed to complete these in class.

October 11/13 – Students worked on the Solar System Poster assignment for the entire class.  This was handed in.  It is due at the beginning of next class.

October 9/13 – Today we took a closer look at our planets by reading pages 388 – 391, and pages 395-6.  There was a fire drill.  We answered questions # 3,6, 11 – 13, 16, 17, and 19 from pages 397.

October 7/13 – Class began by answering questions # 5, 11 on pages 385 of the text.  We read about the planets Pages 387 – 388.  Watched Bill Nye on the planets and took a 10 question quiz from the video.  Homework:  Study for the Retest if you are going to take it.

October 3/13 – Class began with results from last classes test.  Re-miniTest will take place next week, tuesday/thursday during lunch hour.  We participated in a carousel activity about the planets, then completed the class by continuing to watch our video about our milky way.  Study, study, study!

October 1/13 –  Class began with our miniTest.  We then read pages 381-384 in the text book and answered questions # 1 – 4, 6 – 9.  Finally we continued watching the video about our milky way.

September 17/13 – Today we answered the following questions on page 380, # 11, 14-16 then we completed our flip books of the lunar phases.  These were both handed in.  There will be a mini-test next class.  We finished our class by viewing part of the video entitled our milky way.

September 25/13 – Today’s topic focused on the relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon.  We looked specifically at the different types of eclipses and when they occur.  We are making a flip book, showing the 8 lunar phases.

September 23/13 – Class started with 4 questions that reviewed Earth’s motions.  I came around and checked on the horizon maps.  Our topic was the tides, and we completed some notes about the tides with regards to the sun, moon, and the earth.  We read page 376-7 and discussed the phases of the moon.  Quizzed each other on the moon phases and finally answered 4 questions about the phases of the moon.  Handouts:  Earth’s motions (TBHI).  Homework: page 380 #1-4 (if not completed in class), also first record on your horizon map is due at the end of this week.

September 19/13 – Today’s OA was 5 questions about the Seasons.  These were handed in.  We read through the Northern Circumpolar Constellations handout together as a class.  We discussed how to make a horizon map from our backyard and how to plot one constellation on that map.  We also looked at the night sky using Starry Nights program from Hope BC.  We started to talk about the Earth-Moon system.  The Seasons Posters were due this block.  Handouts:  Northern Circumpolar Constellations.  Homework:  Draw a horizon map from your backyard.

September 17/13 – We started the class with a short 5 min. video clip about the wandering stars.  The topic was Precession, and we discussed the terms on pages 370-371.  Then answered and handed in questions #9, 11, 14-16 from page 375.  The class ended by working on a poster about the Seasons.  Handouts:  Season’s Poster assignment.  Homework:  Questions if not completed in class, and Season’s Poster.

Sept. 13/13 – We discussed what we already know about the Earth, the Solar System, Stars and Galaxies, and the Universe.  Then we wrote down questions that we had re: each of these.  We read and discussed pages 368-371 and answered questions #1-5 on page 375.  These were handed in.  We started to talk about the Northern Polar Constellations.  Handouts:  The Universe, Northern Circumpolar Constellations, Sept. Night Sky Map.  Homework: Complete Questions if not finished, and try to find Ursa Major (big dipper) and Ursa Minor (little dipper).

Sept. 11/13 – Vocabulary Words:  Rotation, Revolution, Photoperiod, Retrograde motion, Precession, Season, Perihelion, Aphelion, Constellation, Celestial Sphere, Celestial Equator, Equinox, Solstice, Circumpolar were discussed, students were to define each of these and hand in.  Handouts:  Aboriginal legend, and August Night Sky Map.  Homework: Complete vocabulary if not finished and try to find the big dipper, little dipper and North Star (polaris) in the night sky.

Sept. 9/13 – We completed our notes on Safety.  Then made up 5 questions that related to our notes, and wrote these in the left margin.  We drew a map of our classroom and all of the safety equipment and emergency exits.  These were handed in.  We ended the class with a short video on lab safety.

Sept. 5/13 – Today we were introduced to science 9.  A course outline was given out to each student.  We learned about Cornell notes – and used this technique to take notes about safety in the classroom.  Handouts:Course Outline.  Homework: follow the links to the online text, and find the code word.


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