Biology 12

November 18/12 – Students completed a colour sheet on Mitochondria and Chloroplast, anatomy.  We completed our notes on Glycolysis from last class.   Completed a worksheet on Cellular Energy and started a story board about cellular energy.

November 14/13 – Moved test date to next week on the 22nd!  Cellular energy was the topic for today.

November 12/13 – Today we started class with a video about the cell membrane.  It showed the different ways that molecules cross the membrane (i.e – active diffusion, facilitated transportation, protein molecules (lock & key) and more).  Then we made a poster up about ATP and handed it in.

November 7/13 – Class started with a mini worksheet on carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids this was handed in.  The students read pages 102 – 105 and defined the following words: ADP, ATP, Chemical energy, coenzyme, cofactor, entropy, enzyme inhibition, exergonic reaction, endergonic reaction, free energy, induced fit model.

November 5/13 -Proteins were the topic of today.  We looked closely at the primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary structures.  A reading was handed out, and students were asked to read pages 125-140 (highlighting the important ideas).

November 1/13 – Last class of the week!  Today we looked closely at lipids, structure and function.  Ask about Olestra.  Students answered questions about lipids and handed these in for marking.  We finished the class by viewing a video about lipids.

October 30/13 – Today we completed a worksheet on carbohydrates, the answers are all found in our notes.  We completed our carbohydrates section by looking at Cellulose and Chitin.  We watched a short video clip summarizing the carbohydrates, and worked on a crossword puzzle on diffusion and osmosis.  Finally, we set a test date for November 13/13.  Start studying.

October 28/13 – We completed a worksheet (was handed in) on Monosaccharides to start the class off, then talked about (notes) Disaccharides and Polysaccharides.  We pick up our discussion next day.

October 23/13 – Today’s class started with our lab activity as we tested for the presence of carbohydrates and starches.  This was written up and handed in.  We then started looking at the structure and function of disaccharides.

October 21/13 – We looked very closely at Carbohydrate structure and function (specifically the monosaccharides) today.  We finished off this class by reviewing the lab activity for our next class.

October 17/13 – Class opened with the Plasma Membrane quiz, followed by the potato lab.  This was handed in, and is due at the beginning of next class if you have not completed it.  Students were given a progress report today.  Homework:  Chapter 3 questions.

October 15/13 – We took our quiz, and used it as a practice quiz.  Then we read our textbook (ch. 3) and filled in the transport through a cell membrane worksheet.

October 10/13 – Our focus today was on Plasma Membranes.  We took a few notes about the membranes features, coloured a membrane and its various parts.  Quizzed each other on what each part was.  There will be a quiz on the Plasma Membrane next class.

October 8/13 – We completed our experimental design using bubble gum, wrote up our findings, and handed this in.  Chapter 3 questions were completed and handed in.  Homework:  Anything not completed in class today, and Reading text (pages 67 – 75).

October 4/13 – We started class today by taking our cell Retest.  Then we talked about Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells and their relationship to one another (notes).  Lastly, we worked on our Bubble Gum experimental design.  Next class, we will test it out.

October 2/13 – We started class by going over our test results on the cell parts and functions.  There will be a reTest at the beginning of next class.  Today watched a video clip on biological molecules, and discussed the main concepts.  Then moved on to an exercize around controls and variables.  Finally, students were left with the task to design an experiment involving bubble gum.  We will complete this next class.

September 30/13 – Today we began with a mini test on the cell parts and function.  Then we studied these in greater detail, using a carousel activity.  Collective notes will be handed out next class.

September 26/13 – Today we went over the cell parts and function worksheet.  There will be a quiz on these parts and their function next block.  We also watched a 15 minute video clip about cell organelles, and completed the class looking at the difference between observation/inference and prediction.

September 24/13 –  We started today’s class looking at the different functional groups and what monomers, polymers, and natural monomers are.  Then we reviewed the basic cell parts (function & diagram).  We will go over these in class next day.

September 20/13 – Today we completed our posters that we began on monday on organic compounds.  Then answered chapter 2 questions.

September 18/13 – Today’s topic was Experimental Design.  We started the class going over the beginning steps of experimental design.  We looked at two different scenarios and came up with a title and hypothesis, using dependent and independent variables, constants, and levels of dependent variables.  We watched a movie clip about pellagra and experimental design.

September 16/13 – Today we worked in groups of 2-3 and created a poster that covered the main concepts of Organic Molecules (lipids, fats, proteins, and nucleic acids).  Hopefully, everyone was able to complete this within class.  Handout:  Instruction sheet for poster.

Sept. 12/13 – Discussion: Experimental Design – We discussed our lap designs from our Come Fly with Me Activities, and how to improve these (we now have a base-line to work from) Today’s Topic: Water Molecules (reading and discussion-handout).  Notes: properties of H2O, Acids and Bases.

Sept. 10/13 – OA – mythbusters – A drop of blood – worksheet on scientific method- was handed in.  Today’s topic was a review on the characteristics of living things and their organization.  Student reading pages 3 – 9.  Review from past years.  We looked at chemical properties.  Homework:  Read pages 26-29 (Properties of H2O).

Sept. 6/13 – Today we focused again on the scientific method, using a variety of activities. Find someone who, mythbusters worksheet on diet coke and mentos, come fly with me, and attempt to model the scientific method.  Handouts: Learning targets for the scientific method.

Sept. 4/13 – Today we were introduced to biology 12.  A course outline was given out to each student.  The topic for today was the scientific method.  Handouts:  Self assessment. Reading: Text pages 10 -13 (The processes of Science).  We watched a video clip on what the scientific method is.


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